Annual cat wellness is extremely important. If one considers that one year of a cat’s life is equivalent to about 5-7 years of human’s life, it becomes abundantly clear how much a pet’s health could unknowingly slip in that period of time.

cat exam

Compounding the challenge that cats cannot speak to articulate how they are feeling, they often suffer silently given their innate instinct to hide signs of pain and illness. Thus, a thorough physical examination once a year is of the utmost importance, as early detection of disease provides our veterinarians the best opportunity to treat it, potentially adding years to your dog’s life with quality.

Internal and external parasite screening is also a crucial aspect of the yearly well visit. Heartworm (yes, cats can get heartworm too!) and intestinal parasites can significantly erode away at a cat’s health over time and potentially leading to deadly consequences. Ectoparasites such as fleas, ticks, and mange are a nuisance causing discomfort and are capable of spreading infectious disease.

Vaccines are of vital importance in the Grant-Valkaria area given the preponderance of wildlife and subsequent constant threat of deadly infectious disease. Grant Animal Clinic covers cats with a core vaccine schedule consisting of:

1 year rabies

3 year Panleukopenis virus, Herpes virus, Calici virus (3 in one FVRCP)

Yearly Feline Leukemia

Cats are considered senior pets by age 8, making annual wellness bloodwork to for check internal disease for early intervention a vital aspect of annual dog wellness Early disease detection and intervention will give our veterinarians the best opportunity to add years with optimal quality to your pet’s life.